Minecraft? More like Ourscraft, amirite?

Our story

Minecraft is a pretty popular game in our community, so we had to try running our own server! In 2020, we ran a successful mostly-Vanilla SMP cooperative server. A lot of people had a lot of fun, and many interesting things both beautiful and functional were created. But now we're looking forward to a new year, new servers, new ideas, and new people! Check out what we've got planned or already going on!

Our servers

Ourscraft I - Ourscraft Main

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This is the Ourscraft Main World, which is currently running a Survival Multiplayer world that was reset on February 1, 2021. We're going to take about a month to run this world and take in some ideas for what server mods or plugins or other ideas will suit it best. Remember, it's Ourscraft, and it can be whatever we want to make it, so if you're playing here, feel free to contribute your ideas and thoughts!

Ourscraft II - Tournament Ourscraft

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Tournament Ourscraft is a server that will reset on schedule every two weeks. Each two-week period is a "round", and each round will have a specific goal to be achieved during that time. The goal may be something as simple as beating the dragon, or it could be accumulating the most of some resource, or something unusual. Beating the goal will get you one point on a leaderboard. Plugins/mods, rules, and game setup might also change with each round. So every two weeks, it's a whole new goal, new world, and new configuration! We're keeping things fresh while learning about and exploring new ideas and setups, and having some friendly competition along the way. Got any ideas?)

Ourscraft III - Ourscraft Creative

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Ourscraft Creative is a Creative mode world that we'll be experimenting with. We're working on building out some interesting features to go with it that you might not find elsewhere. If you just like to build beautiful things in a low stress creative world with helpful plugins, then this is the Ourscraft world for you! We're currently working on some exciting ideas for this world, so it might not be a in stable state right now (or even online all the time), but you're welcome to join by and see what's happening!