Gaming @ The Planet

Do we game? Oh yes, we game. We game it all. From DnD to PvP, we've got streamers, teamers, and esports dreamers on The Planet. Whether you are a casual gamer or more hardcore, you'll find yourself in like company.

We don't just play games though. On The Planet, you'll find that some of our gamers like to make use of their creativity and even their programming abilities when they game. So prepare to find modders, streamers, video makers, interesting public and private gaming servers to join, and people making graphics and other assets for other games -- or working on and releasing games of their own!

Come game with us!

Our Gamers

We've got plans for some great content here from some of our top gamers and streamers in the works, but it's a big project that we want to do really well so it will be a while. Watch this space! We'll have some "Planet Profile: Gamer" profiles up here soon!

Planet Profile: Gamer
Planet Profile: Gamer
Planet Profile: Gamer
Planet Profile: Gamer
Check out all our gamers on the full directory!

Our Servers

It was a given that this community was going to wind up experimenting with setting up and hosting our own gaming servers. For some of us, we get to really exercise our programming skills and creativity to try to make some interesting and unique experiences for each other, and the gaming world at large. We're always trying new projects, so you should check this page out often and see what we're working on that you might want to join. Bring your friends... and your ideas! Our currently active gaming servers / projects:


We do events like Among Us, Jackbox Games, and more. We're still working on a regular event schedule so keep checking back!

Our Twitch

We now have a Twitch channel! We're not sure what all is going to go on there but we'd like it to be both a place where we can put some content related to the whole group, and then as well, we can use it to promote our individual projects and Twitch channels and such. The channel is set up to "auto host" content from channels that it is following. So, keep an eye on your Twitch chats and followers -- we might already be in there helping boost your signal and bump your numbers up organically!